NoEmo Whitepaper

🪢 Welcome

🪢 Introduction

The world is in an economic recession! Do you have what it takes to save it? With the belief of the theory of evolution, millions of years ago, these NoEmo Came to the present day and will invade the world ! Of course, these NoEmo differ from humans. Some look normal, Some look weird.. NFT's World . Limitless addiction! And some of them are very cool! Every Metaverse NoEmo is unique, Their colors and lifestyles may resemble us humans. Each one is a special drawing with NFT art and designed by MimoArt artists for collectors.

🪢 Vision And Mission

Our token is community driven , as long our investor trusting our plan there is no limit how far we can go, We are not an ordinary meme coin , We have plans to implement NFT's market place , After launching Our marketplace, We will Create Our Own world You can Also Choose your NFT face to roam the Metaverse World! it will be a whole New Thing.
The game it’s not a P2E game but it's an open world where you can chat with your friends or make new friends in virtual with baby face.. build your own lands and you can customize your characters , join , create your own guild and make your dreams come true in virtual life .. next VR chat game with crypto nfts .

🪢 No emo NFT

No Emo $NOEM are a set of 999 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) composed of hundreds of unique visual features and character bases. Each No Emo is unique and exclusive based on hundreds of rare traits. The final goal is to build an exclusive and chill community.

🪢 As a family, we’re crafting the future, one step at a time.